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  • Whether you are just starting to build up some capital, have accumulated funds over your working life or have come into an inheritance, your capital has to be maintained and at the same time invested for growth

  • The capital manager’s aim is to protect your capital from inflation, tax risks, and, quite simply, against bad management

  • A variety of different solutions exist to meet this aim, in the fields of property investment, insurance contracts, financial instruments and tax management. There are specialists in each of these fields, but accumulating separate propositions seldom results in a complete, coherent response

  • The capital manager’s role is to analyse your needs globally, to study various propositions and to help you choose and implement the best personal solution

  • Our consultants are completely independent, and able to propose a full range of products to suit your needs

  • AMC will accompany you in the choice of your investment projects, with advice adapted to your personal needs, and, as a starting point, a complete analysis of your current situation. This capital evaluation report will be the basis for making the right investment decisions to build a secure future

  • Today AMC can propose the best capital management solutions for tomorrow

  AMC - Your Capital Asset