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  • Collective Pensions (Article 39) : Collective insurance scheme. The company commits in advance on a defined pension level

  • Collective Pensions (Article 83) : Collective insurance scheme. The company can deduct payments into the scheme from taxable profits, and the payments are exonerated from social charges. The company commits on the contribution level

  • Employee savings schemes : The Company Savings Plan (PEE) and The Individual Savings Plan (PEI) are optional savings schemes which the company can propose to its employees, and in which it can participate
    Complementary savings plans specifically linked to pensions also are available (PERCO/PERCOI), if a PEE already exists. The company’s contributions are exonerated from social and fiscal charges, and are deductible from net taxable profit. The amount which the beneficiary receives on retirement is net of tax
  • Providence Funds : Schemes covering death and disability, sick pay and medical expenses

  • Key Personnel Insurance : Schemes insuring against financial consequences of the death of one or more associates

  • Retirement Indemnity Contract : Schemes providing financing for additional retirement indemnities


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