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  • Life Insurance : A savings plan providing a capital sum or monthly income to the subscriber at its conclusion. If the subscriber dies before the end of the plan, the capital is transferred to one or several named beneficiaries. Inheritance tax can be avoided up to a fixed limit

  • Stocks and shares account : Investment portfolio

  • Share Savings Account : (Plan Epargne en action - PEA). A portfolio, which can include shares of French companies or shares of companies having their headquarters in a country belonging to the European Community. Dividends, interest, tax credits and capital gains are exonerated from tax if the plan is maintained for five years

  • Pension Savings Plan : (Plan d’Epargne Retraite Populaire - PERP). A savings plan, contributions to which are tax deductible (up to certain fixed limits)


  • Mutual Insurance : Complementary health insurance

  • Mutual Insurance Contract : A schemes enabling a personalised fund to be set up, providing a wide range of guarantees

  • Life Insurance : A savings plan providing a capital sum to be paid to one or several named beneficiaries on the death of the subscriber

  • Loan Insurance : A savings plan providing for reimbursement to a bank, to the borrower or to other beneficiaries of loan instalments on the death, permanent invalidity or long-term sickness of the subscriber
  AMC – Your assurance of being properly insured