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  • 3% of the French population lives abroad. This may appear a rather low percentage compared to other countries (e.g. Italy 10%). Indeed, the costs of expatriation, training and employment do not encourage expatriation. However, expatriation can be an obligatory stage in career development. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for working abroad, and French technology and expertise are successful exports

  • Nevertheless, being far from home and legal requirements often complicate capital management. AMC provides specific assistance to expatriates in managing their accounts and tax matters. It is possible to contact your consultant via internet at any time, from anywhere in the world, to ensure that your financial affairs are always in order

  • AMC can advise on loans, finance packages, property investment, tax optimisation, retirement schemes, inheritance plans or on preparing your return to France, accompanying all your financial projects – you can leave home without worrying!


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